Performing Arts

dance, theater, concerts


  • Experience - More than 100 performance recorded, edited, and videos delivered

  • Project cost and delivery system - Negotiated

  • 3 camcorders shooting the performance behind the audience

  • When available audio input from from wireless microphones on actors

  • Audio input from up to 3 shotgun microphones

  • Multiple inputs synchronized and edited for best possible performance video

  • Deliverables - HD video file online or downloaded by customer, standard definition DVDs available at extra cost

More Info

It is difficult to shoot a play, dance recital, or concert mainly because it is necessary to shoot around the audience and the shooting cannot do anything to interfere with the audience's enjoyment of the performance. We usually set up our 3 camcorders behind the audience, 2 HD camcorders maned and a 3rd unmanned that shoots the whole stage. The 2 manned camcorders are doing their best to get closeups and ultra closeups of the performers. The 3rd unmanned camcorder 4K ensures that there is always a backup shot available during editing.

Sound is another tough issue particularly for shooting plays. It is helpful when the actors are using wireless microphones. A feed from the sound system can be brought into the camcorders. With or without the advantage of wireless microphones on the actors, shogun microphones can be discretely placed in front of the stage to pick the actor's voices from as many positions as possible.

For the editing process, all 3 camcorder videos, along with the wireless microphone input, and the shotgun microphone inputs are synchronized on the video editor. This gives the editor (human) the material to make precise camera changes for the best possible view of the play, dance recital, or concert.

DVDs have been popular for delivering the videos to the customer and the quality of the video from a standard definition DVD is quite expectable. There is a movement away from DVDs because lot of people no longer have DVD set top players there is extra cost in producing DVD particularly Blu-ray DVDs. A better way to view the performance is either online (Youtube) or the customer can download a video file (MP4), store it on a PC or MAC, watch it on the PC or MAC, or transfer it to a thumb drive and watch it on a smart TV.