Basic Package $1499

The “Basic Package” includes up to 6 hours of coverage, a High Def file download of the edited video, and consists of the following sections;

  • Ceremony:
    Entire ceremony filmed with 2 videographer
    to ensure nothing is missed.

  • Reception Features filmed with 2 videographers:
    Intros, Toasts, 1st Dances, Cake Cutting.
    - in their entirety.

  • Reception Festivities:
    All the celebrating, revelry, dancing, and fun!

We have additional options you may want to consider however our Basic Package delivers an edited wedding video of over two hours long and contains everything you'd expect in a quality wedding video.

"Add-ons" (Additional Options)

We offer "a-la-carte" options to add to the Basic Package;

  • DVD Set $150:
    DVD Set with a customized label in a DVD case with a personalized jacket.
    Basic Package includes deliverable as an HD download.

  • Highlights $200:
    Recap of the entire day - about 15 minutes.
    Ideal for family who may not want to watch the entire 2 hrs.

  • Introduction $150:
    Montage of childhood/courtship photos, graphics/effects, & scanned invitation.

  • Pre-ceremony $250:
    Coverage of the bride getting ready at her home for one hour.

  • Additional Coverage $200:
    Price per hour.

  • Raw Footage $200:
    All the footage of the day, unedited. Format of your choice.
    If you want to see it all or to create your own digital short.

Services, Style, & Philosophy

Our videography coverage include;

  • Two manned cameras at the Ceremony & for Reception Features

  • Professional Digital Editing

  • Completed within 30 days

Things to know about us;

  • We edit but do not abbreviate important parts.

  • We include edited music montages from throughout the day.

  • We use unobtrusive filming methods.

  • Editing is begun immediately first thing Monday.

Two Videographers at the Ceremony & Reception Features

To ensure nothing is missed as the ceremony is variable & dynamic.

We have a mobile videographer near the altar using a mono-pod.

For freedom of movement for shot selection.

We have a stationary videographer in the back on a tri-pod.

For a traditional view and a steady shot.

Both adjust their shot by panning and zooming reactively to the events unfolding.

For outstanding coverage, not just B-role.

Things To Consider

Companies offering DJ/Photo/Video packages may contract out videography (So what?);

Your discussions may not be conveyed.

Ask if you may meet the videographers.

A middleman surely increases price;

Is the company local?

National chains contract to local vendors (us);

They add finder's fees. Dealing direct saves $.

Legitimate companies have an internet presence;

- Verify all you are considering.