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Coverage area Eastern Massachusetts. We offer video coverage of sports events with delivery within 24 hours. It's ideal for student athletes who need college recruiting videos and for coaches who want to review games for post-analysis. Individual edited highlight videos will be created from plays selected by the customer. See Game Coverage video below.

Game Coverage: $150 per game

The entire game will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube, HUDL or any customer specified online video service. And/or the video file (MP4) wil be sent to the customer via Wetransfer. There may be an additional fee for travel.

Highlights: $100 minimum

Selected plays will be used to make a short highlight video. The customer can supply game video from other sources or preferably use video shot by Carlisle Video. The customer will specify plays to be included in the highlight video then the customer can review the preliminary highlight video for further editing. The target athlete will be identified and partially tracked on the field with an animated circle drawn on the screen. See the highlight video below for an example of target athlete tracking.

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Video coverage of sports events for coaches with very quick turnover. Edited highlights for individual college recruiting videos.  Experienced uploading to online sports sites, HUDL. Each game video or college recruiting highlight video can be permanently available on my Youtube account and/or video files (mp4) can be sent to the customer via The video on DVD is available for additional cost.




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